Benefits of AAT

Careers for life are becoming less and less common; the average Brit changes career six times during their professional lifetime. So where exactly does an AAT qualification in accounting fit into this statistic? I’m glad you asked!

Accounting is an essential sector that underpins modern business. Without talented accountants, businesses would struggle to continue, and yes, we mean every business. When you gain an accounting qualification, you make a professional investment that will set you up for life.

Why AAT?

So accounting is a great profession for longevity and choice. But why AAT? The Association of Accounting Technicians has created a set of globally recognised qualifications. AAT and its course providers also inform prospective accounting students about what jobs and salaries they can expect to achieve at each level with clear and well-documented guides, as well as the costs of each AAT qualification.

Of course, there are alternatives, such as a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance. More and more students are, however, opting for different routes into employment. It’s unsurprising when you consider tuition fees are at an all time high of £9,000 and the average student debt is now £32,220. Unlike undergraduate degrees, AAT courses are extremely well priced; you can pay as little as £600 for the Foundation Certificate in Accounting (the starting point for most budding accountants). Did we mention that AAT levels 2 and 3 can be completed in as little as six-months?

AAT v Undergrad Degree

But surely AAT qualifications are not worth as much as full degrees? For many, AAT qualifications, like undergraduate degrees, are one of the many paths into chartered accounting (both offer different levels of exam exemptions). For others, AAT qualifications are ideal for entry into the professional world of accounting as they develop the practical skills needed to perform a variety of accounting roles successfully and confidently. And it’s not just us here at Aspiring Accountants that think so; FTSE 100 companies, public institutions and private companies all look for AAT qualified accountants. These institutions trust in AAT, and their training providers, to help produce well rounded, practically able workers that deliver on individual and wider company goals.

Want more information? Check our salary series posts to find out if AAT can help you achieve your professional goals, or get in touch with an Aspiring Accountants advisor today.


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