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What’s the Significance of GDPR for Accountants?

GDPR for accountants
The business world loves buzzwords, and nothing’s buzzier right now than GDPR (general data protection regulation). Mention GDPR to a marketing team and watch as they begin convulsing, for the new general data protection regulation means some significant changes regarding companies' use of personal data are about to be enforced. If you’re only just hearing about GDPR, where have you...

Key Hole Accounting – The Gender Pay Gap: What Is It? And Why Is It Important?

gender pay gap in finance
Gender inequality is still alive and kicking in the UK. In February, we published a report on how gender prejudice is having a significant effect on women in the financial industry. Barely two months later, and the UK has more cold, hard evidence of just how unbalanced our working society remains.   In the past decade, the UK has made...

Accountants, Laugh Away Your Stress

Laughter yoga
Unless you’re a chocolate consultant, it’s likely at times (or a lot of the time) you’ll find yourself stressed at work. Some of us are more susceptible to stress than others, but the amount of stress we put ourselves under can largely be dependent on the type of role we’re in. Enlisted military personnel, firefighters and airline pilots are...

Key Hole Accounting – Hypothecated Tax: White Noise or Magic Bullet?

hypothecated tax
We love tax here at Aspiring Accountants, and hearing about proposals for new kinds of tax really gets our hearts racing! Today we discuss a subject that has had considerable coverage in the newspapers of recent weeks: hypothecated tax. What Is Hypothecated Tax? Hypothecated tax is a form of taxation that sets aside a set percentage of taxpayer money for...

Accountants Expect Pay Rises Despite Brexit Uncertainty

Pay rises
Whilst many business owners remain concerned about the ramifications Brexit will have on their company, accounting firms are taking solace in the knowledge that their businesses will keep ticking over after Britain leaves the European Union (EU); MPs have said that Brexit would be positive for accountants as they can advise clients on the tax and financial implications of...

Aspiring Accountants Writing Guide: Part Two – Verb Tense

verb tense
What’s verb tense for, and how can the Thai language have just one, while Italian has 21? While the subject and object of a sentence help us understand who or what we are talking about, verb tense helps us understand when the action or state of being we are talking about happened. We English speakers are fortunate in that we...

Key Hole Accounting: The ‘Big Four’ Take Down

Big Four
For quite some time, the Big Four (KPMG, PwC, Deloitte and EY – the four largest accounting firms in the world) have dominated the auditing market; the Big Four audit 97% of FTSE 350 companies (up from 95% in 2012/2013). But this could all be about to change as a UK regulator looks to shatter their market dominance. The Financial...

Key Hole Accounting: Affordable Housing? That’s Rich!

affordable housing
The ethical question we begin with is: “should consumers be protected, or should the free market decide?” We’re not here to bash free market economics, but the evidence is piling up against its current form. House buying, in particular, is becoming unattainable for many young people. The libertarian dream of “free market competition keeping prices low” and increasing choice...

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