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Accounting Software

Accounting Software for Small Businesses

If you live and work in a big city, you’re often compelled to listen to fast cars with loud engines rev up from gear...
accounting software history

Accounting Software: A Brief History

For many, understanding accountancy software can feel like learning a foreign language for a week-long holiday - a lot of work for very little...

Accounting Software: Sage

It’s one of the big players in the world of accounting software, and a programme you’re sure to come across at some point in...

Accounting Software: Xero

Unlike many of the other accounting software companies, Xero is relatively new to the game. Founded in 2006, Xero was built around two principles:...
Accounting - individuals using technology at work

The Future of Accounting

With the demand for accountants rocketing up 21% in the second quarter of 2017, in comparison to this time last year, as published by...
Fundamental Issues in Banking

Banking – Part 2: Fundamental Issues in Banking

In part one of our banking series, we scratched the surface on how complicated the sector is. Today we continue in that same vein...
financial system

Banking – Part 1: The Financial System

Imagine a writer writing about writing. Confusing, right? The subject of writing is what the writer writes about. Still no clearer? Banks are part...
Tax relief symbol - roll-over relief

Smart Accounting? It’s All About Deduction

We here at Aspiring Accountants think of accounting as somewhat akin to detective work. It involves thorough investigation, inference and an excellent understanding of...
Man wearing Virtual Reality Headset

Investment Watch: Virtual Reality

That Google Glass - pretty interesting idea, it’s shame about the budget Joe90’s look and the hefty $1,500 price tag. Perhaps if Pokemon Go...

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