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The Aspiring Accountants Accounting News category is rather self-explanatory. Hence this section contains articles relating to news in the accounting sector. Prospective, current and former accounting students will, therefore, find this category beneficial as they can keep up-to-date with everything going on in the accounting world.

You can expect to find articles on the big accounting qualification providers: AAT, CIMA and ACCA and any news relating to them. Informative and advisory content is provided to help aspiring accountants get a better grip on the industry. Former students will find articles on career progression and will benefit from news relating to the sector as a whole. Our article on the accounting shortage is an example of this. Other posts include what Brexit means for accountants and what’s the difference between bookkeeping and accounting? Look out for articles from our entertaining Key Hole Accounting section, too – they tend to sprout from news stories. Therefore you will gain both serious and fun articles in the accounting news category.

Open Days

Getting the Most from Open Days

If you’re looking to study an accounting course in the new year, you’ll want to start attending open days ASAP (if you haven’t already)....

Which Accounting Specialism Suits Me Best?

  If you are a newcomer to the world of accounting, it’s safe to say that you probably have a whole long list of questions,...

Which Accounting Sector in the Right One For Me?

  There are many areas of accountancy to choose from, and it’s great to have a choice, but it can also be daunting deciding which...

Taxes – Progressive vs Regressive vs Proportional

Taxes are, for many, inevitable. As the adage goes, “there are only two certainties in life; death and taxes,” (although this has mutated into...
effective working conditions

Zen and the Art of Workplace Effectiveness

Is productivity all in the mind? Some would say so; others working from home while looking after a newborn may disagree. What most can...

Aspiring Accountants’ Forum Registration

Get Involved! Want to connect with like-minded accounting students and professionals? You’re (almost) in the right place (click ‘Sign in/Join our forum at the top...
Pay rises

Accountants Expect Pay Rises Despite Brexit Uncertainty

Whilst many business owners remain concerned about the ramifications Brexit will have on their company, accounting firms are taking solace in the knowledge that...

Shocking Accountant Stereotypes You Should Ignore

  So, there are a lot of accountancy stereotypes out there. Some are based on mild truths whilst others are just ridiculous. It seems those...
Laughter yoga

Accountants, Laugh Away Your Stress

Unless you’re a chocolate consultant, it’s likely at times (or a lot of the time) you’ll find yourself stressed at work. Some of us...
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