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Positive accounting

Positive and Normative Accounting – What’s the Difference?

The majority of business owners, managers and investors want their company’s finances and performance to be presented to them through a straight-forward system; they...

Aspiring Accountants’ Forum Registration

Get Involved! Want to connect with like-minded accounting students and professionals? You’re (almost) in the right place (click ‘Sign in/Join our forum at the top...
Man wearing Virtual Reality Headset

Investment Watch: Virtual Reality

That Google Glass - pretty interesting idea, it’s shame about the budget Joe90’s look and the hefty $1,500 price tag. Perhaps if Pokemon Go...

How Positive Working Environments Allow Ethics to Grow

Maintaining strong working relationships is a challenge for any type of company, anywhere in the world. However, if ethics are to flourish in a...
Personal Branding - image of suits with bar codes above the suit

Personal Branding: Employability Skills

What Is Personal Branding and Why Is It Important? Thanks to the 80s, appearance is everything. Although the term was coined sometime later, personal branding...

Employability Tips: Cultivating a Positive Online Presence

People who develop a rich and carefully cultivated online presence, through both professional and personal profiles, are in prime position to be recruited for...
Skills shortage

How to Take Advantage of the Current Skills Shortage

With the need for skilled talent on the rise in the accountancy sector, largely due to the ongoing skills shortage, now is the prime...

What’s the Difference Between Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable?

If you’re thinking about joining the accounting profession, you’re more than likely to be familiar with the terms ‘Accounts Payable’ and ‘Accounts Receivable’, but...

What are the Accounting Standards?

  The accounting standards are principles that guide and standardise accounting practices. The acronym GAAP stands for ‘Generally Accepted Accounting Principles’. It’s a term used...

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