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One of the great things about AAT’s courses is that they give you the opportunity to study around your existing commitments. The flexibility of studying with AAT means that you will almost always be able to find a method of learning that works for you. If one particular approach, classroom-based learning, for example, doesn’t quite work, you can combine several.

Today we’ll be discussing your options for balancing work, life and studies with an AAT qualification.

Classroom Study

For many, classroom-based study is the most engaging way of learning. You get to study in an environment suited to your needs, without anything to distract you from your end goal of becoming an accountant. AAT’s Training Providers give you choice by providing evening and weekend study options. You’ll be able to continue working whilst boosting your future career possibilities by studying from supportive, professional AAT tutors.

Distance Learning

Those with work and family commitments may find classroom-based learning difficult to squeeze into their busy schedules. There are several AAT Training Providers that offer distance learning options. Distance learning is great for those with the right drive, commitment and self-motivation; there’s also the benefit of being able to learn at your own pace. That means you decide when you need to slow down or speed up the pace of your learning to coincide with your external commitments.

Blended Learning

Distance learning can be challenging in that the instant interaction of classroom study is not available. When students find themselves confronted with an academic challenge, they may need to supplement the AAT work with time-consuming external research. Thanks to AAT’s approach to education access, blended learning is available for those who want to keep part of distance learning’s flexibility and combine it with classroom learning. Blended learning offers the best of both worlds, however, like distance learning, it needs commitment, drive and self-motivation to keep to deadlines. Students also need to organise a course structure to fit their independent learning around the classroom activities.

Want to find out how you can fit an AAT course around your prior commitments? Contact Aspiring Accountants today for free, impartial advice.


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