About Us

Mission Statement: Our mission is to inspire and assist accounting students in their journey to professional success through expert advice and industry insight.

Aspiring Accountants is a website dedicated to providing relevant, engaging content for prospective and current accounting students, those already working in the industry and those looking to move into accountancy from another sector.

Our website is split into three key sections: AAT Essentials, Key Hole Accounting and Accounting News. These sections contain articles dedicated to informing, advising and entertaining our readers. What’s more, the Aspiring Accountants’ website also has a video section and a newsletter which keeps our subscribers up to date with the latest news and views in accountancy.

AAT Essentials

Our AAT Essentials section is full of information about the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) and their courses. It’s our zone for focused, streamlined information on AAT. Here you can find information regarding the different levels, fees and jobs you can get with an AAT qualification and much, much more.

Key Hole Accounting

Key Hole Accounting is our entertaining section where we get the opportunity to let our hair down and discuss world events through the lens of an accountant or financial expert. Our array of content spans from the medieval fantasy world of Game of Thrones to one full of robots.

Accounting News

Our accounting news section does exactly what is says on the tin; the section contains articles inspired by real-world events in the accounting industry.

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