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Saturday, April 13, 2024
sugar tax

The Sugar Tax

Making a change for the better this new year? You may find your New Year’s resolution is less of a choice and more of...
stamp duty tax

Stamp Duty: What Is It?

Stamp duty: what exactly is this vaguely named tax that summons up images of Renaissance blacksmiths making fire insurance plaques? Today we’ll talk about...
tax haven

Key Hole Accounting: Tax Havens

How do you solve a problem like tax avoidance? This particular will-o’-the-wisp is, once again, out in the open for all to see. The...
corporation tax

Tax Series: Corporation Tax

It’s a hot political topic, but what really is corporation tax? Let’s find out. What is Corporation Tax? The clue is in the title here....
National Insurance

Tax Series: National Insurance

What is National Insurance? National insurance (NI) was first introduced in 1911. Initially, the idea behind NI was to provide a government safety-net (of money)...
income tax

Tax Series: Income Tax

Income tax… you can almost hear the groans that come with this noun phrase. For the cynical (looking at you libertarians), it's is a...
vat registered

Tax Series: VAT

VAT - it’s one of those elusive elements of modern life you know you should understand, yet here you are - 33 years old...
tax small business

Tax Series: Small Business Tax Essentials

Tax laws in the UK can be somewhat confusing. Today we run down a few essential taxes you should be aware of whether you’re...
Tax relief symbol - roll-over relief

Smart Accounting? It’s All About Deduction

We here at Aspiring Accountants think of accounting as somewhat akin to detective work. It involves thorough investigation, inference and an excellent understanding of...
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