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Completing the AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting (Level 4) qualification won’t guarantee you a certain salary or role, but it does give you a significant helping hand on the way to your dream job. The Level 4 course improves a student’s opportunities in their current or new role.

Now that you’ve studied topics such as tax, auditing and credit control from the Level 4 syllabus, you will be able to apply for more senior roles than after studying at Levels 2 and 3. The average salary for a role at Level 4 is £20,897 (2017 AAT Salary and Career survey).

To Bear in Mind

The tricky thing about salaries is that they vary depending on where you’re located and from business to business. A particular role in London, for example, is likely to have a higher salary than the same role outside of London.

If you would like to compare the salary of one particular role in multiple locations, we recommend looking at a salary calculator. There are many free to use salary calculators available online, and they will help you to work out how much you’re likely to take home from a specific role in a specific location.

Salaries You Can Expect at AAT Level 4 Standard

For today’s article, we’ve chosen to use the salary calculator provided by recruitment agency Monster. Let’s have a look at the UK roles and average salaries you will be qualified for after completing the Professional Diploma in Accounting:

  • Accounts Payable Clerk – £15,678 – £25,052 (average = £19,842)
  • Assistant Financial Accountant – £18,285 – £30,144 (average = £24,534)
  • Commercial Analyst – £19,731 – £44,040 (average = £28,200)
  • Cost Accountant – £21,763 – £38,184 (average = £29,973)
  • Finance Officer – £17,063 – £30,512 (average = £23,203)
  • Senior Bookkeeper – £18,121 – £34,269 (average = £26,195)

So, you can see from the above examples that salaries vary dramatically across the UK. Our advice is that if you’ve completed the AAT Level 4 qualification, a reasonable salary to aim for is around £20,000 from an accounting specific role (provided by the AAT 2017 Salary and Career survey).

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