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Many people assume that accountancy is well and truly a boring career path to undertake. It’s safe, it’s secure, and it’s downright dull, correct? But is it? Many assume this to be the case, but those prejudgers should not be so hasty! If you have a passion for numbers, accountancy can be a challenging, rewarding and exciting career path.

Admittedly, if you detest numbers and anything mathematical, it’s probably safe to say that a career in accounting is not for you. And, it’s no wonder you consider accountancy to be dull if this is the case. Just remember, however, one man’s pleasure is another man’s pain, and this most certainly applies to ladies too. Particularly those who started off their career in a completely different field (teaching or nursing for example) only to decide in later life that they wish to take on a new challenge which enabling them to boost their salary, work from home, provide better security for their family etc. This isn’t uncommon, and you’d be surprised at just how many aspiring accountants there are out there. It’s just a shame that such mathematical talents are unsure how to start a new career in accounting. Thankfully, you can find the guidance you need right here.

Contrary to popular opinion, accountancy is a diverse career path for many reasons: you can choose from a wide variety of businesses to work within (from private accountancy practices to large, globally-recognised branches), there are international opportunities for those looking to live and work abroad, and you can opt from a variety of accountancy roles, from corporate recovery to forensic accounting. With so many options to choose from, how could accountancy possibly be dull?

Not only can an accounting career be full of exciting choices, but the salary is rewarding, and there are plenty of work opportunities too. Additionally, the role you undertake is likely to remain secure even in the most difficult economic climates, perhaps even more so than other finance professions. So, yes, accountancy is a safe and secure profession, but what’s wrong with that? Anyone that has been made redundant in the past will appreciate the security of working in a safe occupation.

Working as an accountant can be an exciting, interesting and rewarding career; perhaps the only dull thing to be noted is the office environment itself, but who’s to say that wouldn’t be an issue in any number of other professions. And also, the beauty of accountancy is that you could start up your own practice and work from home, giving you more freedom and convenience. This isn’t necessarily an option of other professions, so is a definite plus point for aspiring accountants.

Do you still consider accounting to be a dull career? Not as ‘boring’ as you originally thought, huh? Accountants are no longer thought of as the ‘paper pushers’ of the office world. So, if you’re an ambitious, charismatic, persistent individual with an academic nature, accounting could be the ideal career path for you.


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