Has the profession of accountancy been baffling you for years? Are you intrigued as to whether you could make it as a successful accountant? Would you like to be considered as successful by your family and friends? It’s no wonder the lucrative field of accountancy has you questioning all the above, as the job stability and potential for growth make it an attractive career for many.

As with any job, there are always pros and cons to consider. It is these factors of consideration that will allow you to make up your mind and decide ‘for’ or ‘against’ the role in question. So, here we’ve compiled the pro and cons for a career in accountancy;

Pros of an Accounting Career:

Your Path is Clear

There are no surprises with an accountancy career, well I’m sure there are some, but what we’re trying to say is that you have a clear vision of your career path if you choose to work in accounting. Basically, as an AAT student, you’ll have a concise idea of where your career is going.

High Demand

If you’re a trained accountant, you’ll be in high demand. The role of an accountant is essential to any business to budget and monitor incomings and outgoings, which is why it’s a job in high demand, as everyone needs an accountant.

Potential for Growth

You’ll gain the specific training required to keep advancing within your chosen role and of course, as with all positions, they’ll always be scope for promotion.

Generous Salary

As a fully trained accountant with a few years of experience, you’re likely to receive a handsome salary. The more experience and years you have, the higher your potential salary is likely to become. To earn a particularly generous salary, we recommend looking to gain work in London or other big cities within the UK.

Career Prospects

Not only do you have the potential of working your way up, there are also a variety of fields within accountancy that you can choose from, including; financial, management, auditing and taxes. There’s nothing stopping you from changing fields if you fancy a change within your career.

Cons of an Accounting Career:


There are a lot of ways in which to study to become an accountant. So, once you have chosen which route suits you, you’ll need to dedicate your time to qualifying. This will enable a steady and successful route into accountancy, but don’t underestimate the level of work and dedication that goes into training to become an accountant.


Ok, so for some, the thought of doing a job that is repetitive is a plus, but many prefer to mix things up a little. For that reason, monotony is listed under ‘cons’. For those looking for a role that’s clear-cut and drama-free, accountancy is ideal. A lot of your time will be spent at your desk and the role will require meticulous attention to detail.

Work-Life Balance

Typically, accountancy is a 9-5 role, but at certain times of the year there are important deadlines to be met. This means there can be heavy workloads during these times, requiring extra hours spent at work doing overtime and optimal stress levels, which could impact on time spent with family or other personal commitments. Thankfully, this is only at times of the year, in the UK it coincides with the end of tax year; end of March – beginning of April.


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