There are many benefits to studying an AAT qualification, especially as there are a range of options available to choose from. You can select where you wish to learn, how you’d like to learn and when you want to learn. Let’s explain this further…

Where Do You Want to Learn?

Be it distance learning, or classroom learning the choice is yours. The benefit of studying AAT is that you can choose where you want to learn based in which option suits your requirements best. Find out more by looking at the options below;

  • Distance Learning

You needn’t fret about having to get to class on time, or not being able to make a class, if you don’t want to. For those of you with lives that are stressful enough, you shouldn’t If you have too many commitments to fit study around, then you can opt for distance learning instead.

  • Classroom Learning

For those of you who prefer a more regimented approach to study, classroom learning is a great option that provides structure and a classroom environment. It’s a fantastic way to meet new people and offers a more social way to learn. Perfect for those of you who can spare time for a set time on a weekly basis, to attend classes, and who need a little push to ensure their study gets done.

How Do You Want to Learn?

Would you prefer to work solo at home or with others in a classroom? The choice is yours;

  • Distance Learning

Study from the comfort of your home by accessing your course material online. If you have a young family to look after or work commitments, online learning can be a huge relief. For those of you wishing to fit study around your hectic work schedule and/or family life distance learning is a great option.

  • Classroom Learning

The drawback of studying at home is there are so many distractions and it can be hard to set your mind to a task when you’re in a place you feel so comfortable. Or it may be that your home is noisy and chaotic. If this is the situation you find yourself in, a classroom can supply a better environment for concentration. Classroom learning also provides a social element and can help guide you through your studies.

When Do You Want to Learn?

Not only can you choose where and how you wish to learn, but the option of ‘when’ also opens further choices and flexibility;

  • Distance Learning

With online learning you can choose the days and hours that suit you, as long as you meet your deadlines and allocate the relevant number of hours to your course per week, you should be fine.

  • Classroom Learning

Opt to study in the evenings or at weekends with classroom learning, enabling you to study around your existing commitments at a set time each week. This is a great choice if you need motivation to meet deadlines.

So, which method of study suits you best? Here we’ve touched upon just some of the pros and cons of distance learning and classroom study, but we hope we’ve helped you to consider the method best for you.


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