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Want to connect with like-minded accounting students and professionals? You’re (almost) in the right place (click ‘Sign in/Join our forum at the top of the page). We’ve created an online forum to give aspiring accountants a place to connect, learn and develop. The forum offers a place for beginners to get their questions answered, and the more experienced of us will have a hand in cultivating a new generation of talent. Additionally, dank memes are not only welcomed; they’re encouraged!

Why Join our Forum?

Forums are the pinnacle of human interaction. OK, maybe forums aren’t quite the revolution form of communication we at Aspiring Accountants think they are. You can, however, expect to find answers to your accounting questions – for example:

What are the two rules for creating a successful accounting business?

  • Don’t tell clients everything you know
  • [Redacted]

All jokes aside, the growing professional community is here to help. You’ll be able to take advantage of our growing pool of talented accountants and use what you learn in a professional context. When you’re ready, jump into the forum and start throwing your two-cents at questions, or start a discussion.

What Can You Expect From Our Forum?

There’s room for everyone in our Ark. Find out how the forum can help you by reading on.

  • I’m an accounting novice looking for course advice: Picking an accounting course is not an easy decision to make. Various professional bodies are offering different paths into the profession; in the forum, you can learn from those who have first-hand experience and make an informed choice for your future.
  • I’m a current student: Having problems with AAT’s ethical principle module? Share your worries by starting a new chat; there’s sure to be someone who can help you ace the exam. Or perhaps you’re considering progressing onto chartered accountant status and want to know if it’s worth the four-year commitment.
  • I’m an accounting professional: Accounting is a fast-moving industry. Shifts in politics and finance can have far-reaching ramifications; our forum provides an area in which you can air your thoughts on such topics. You’re also likely to know the answer to many of the questions prospective and current students might have; you will have a hand in developing future accounting talent.
  • I’m a business owner: Owners of small businesses who are responsible for accounting can take advantage of the pool of talent to get advice on accountings more complicated topics. Heck, you might even find a student willing to do some pro-bono work.

Ready to join the community? Jump in and get posting! Register and become a member of the Aspiring Accountants’ forum today!

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