So, you’ve trained to be a journalist… you always liked writing, so you thought, why not write for a living? Having graduated, you landed yourself a job in the centre of London doing precisely what you’d always wanted to do… write! Having written content for various sources and companies over the course of 10 years, you start to feel restless. You realise that writing doesn’t excite you as much as it did, not like it used to. So you want a change. Well, not just a change, you want a whole new career!

Is It Crazy to Give up a Job and Retrain as an Accountant?

You want to go back to study an entirely new profession! Sounds crazy, right? WRONG! So many people these days are keen to start a whole new career, they crave something that their current role doesn’t deliver; whether it be a handsome salary, better security in their role, the option to work from home, the option to work abroad, and so on. There are many reasons for people to seek a new career opportunity, which is why so many people do exactly that. And, so can you!

Accountancy Could Be the Perfect Career for You…

You’ve thought long and hard about a career change and you have decided accounting ticks all the boxes. You enjoy maths and you’ve always thought what a sensible role an accountant would be, but you hesitated, you wanted to unleash your creative side and so gave writing a go… And it worked for you too… For a while… then you got bored! But that’s fine, it happens to us all. We try something for a while, then we realise maybe in the long-term, it’s not the right fit.

It’s NOT a Fallback Option – It’s the Real Deal!

Many see accountancy as a second choice. If your initial career didn’t work out, you can always give accounting a try… but do you know what? It really isn’t worthy of being a fallback option. It should be the career you aspire to do from day one, especially when you consider the many benefits that it brings.

What are the Benefits?

There are many benefits to being an accountant. For starters, you can build a successful and stable career for yourself, you can work your way up, own your own practice and choose the hours you wish to work. You can work from home too. Accountancy is a career recognised amongst all industries. Every company needs someone to look after their finances, meaning as an aspiring accountant you can choose who and where you work. In other words, you have a lot more freedom in finding a role, because there are always so many positions available.

So, How Do You Become an Accountant?

It’s as easy as visiting the AAT website and taking the AAT Skillcheck. This short test will help you to discover which level of AAT to begin your studies and give you all the information you need to become an accountant. There’s the choice to study part-time as well as distance learning, so you can even continue in your current profession whilst you train to become an accountant!


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