Take the quiz here. Once you’ve completed the quiz, you can add up your score to find out which Accountant Persona you are; Persona A, B, C or D.

If you answered the quiz with mostly As, then you’re Persona A, mostly Bs, you’re Persona B, mostly Cs, you’re Persona C and yes, you guessed it, mostly Ds, you’re Persona D!

Consider the many ways in which an accountancy career could suit you. With the help of our quiz, you can discover what type of accountant persona you’re likely to become and whether you’re the ideal candidate for an exciting career in accounting.

Persona A – Whizz Kid

You’re neatly turned out and a generous soul. You love to be in charge, almost as much as you love spreadsheets. You’re a very efficient and organised individual who enjoys being punctual and prepared at all times. You’re keen to learn new things, from work-based courses to the latest technology apps. You’re one of those people who checks and re-checks your work to ensure there are no mistakes and you often stay late to make sure everything is under control. You enjoying setting yourself goals and meeting targets. You’re an honest, hardworking individual who enjoys new challenges at work and is full of energy. Your computer know-how makes you the whizz kid of the office and you are known for taking your calculator everywhere you go. Accountancy by far was the best career choice for you!

Persona B – You Aren’t Half Bad

You’re a presentable, communicative personality who’s quick to spot and solve problems. You stay late to get a job done when required and enjoy being praised by your boss. You’re a creative person and like to incorporate creativity within your accountancy role, which is great when it comes to problem solving. You preferred English to Maths back in school, but you’re good with computers and enjoy testing the latest software regardless. You’re educated to degree level and if your boss wants you to complete a course or two, you are willing. You’re a savvy shopper and enjoy adding up the total of your shopping as you whizz round with your trolley. Overall, you’re a great accountant!

Persona C – Hmm, You’re OK

You scrub up well but can’t always be bothered to make the effort when it comes to another day in the office. You’re very generous and are known to pick up the tab at the bar, so your colleagues think you’re great! In return, they complete the spreadsheet tasks as they know how much you hate them! You sometimes wonder why you became an accountant as it wasn’t an obvious choice, but you enjoy working within your team and you’re in no great hurry to make a sudden change to your career. You occasionally stay late, but not often as you’d rather see your friends. You’re not a planner and don’t tend to set goals. You enjoy living a simple life so nothing beats an early finish at work being the social butterfly that you are. Overall, you may have been better suited to a career other than accountancy but you’re happy to make the best of it.

Persona D – Worst Accountant Ever!

You’re not the most presentable of people and often wear the same clothes two days running, you’re also not the most generous when it comes to social affairs, but hey – that doesn’t mean to say you’re not part of the team. Not that you want to be part of the team, you’d rather have some peace and quiet and work from home. You’re extremely laid back, perhaps a little too laid back and sometimes (in fact quite often) overlook matters that require urgent attention. You never set goals and you never stay late, which means others have to pick up your workload from time to time. You are quite often late for work as you enjoy your sleep A LOT. You’re not interested in being challenged at work and tend to be a creature of habit. You don’t like maths, computers or spreadsheets so it’s a wonder how you became an accountant in the first place? You’re not interested in furthering your skills nor are you interested in learning new systems. It’s safe to say you might be the worst accountant in the history of accounting – sorry!


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