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Being part of AAT’s student network means that you have access to a wide range of study support materials. Each AAT training provider also has their own support system in place to guide you through each course. You should, therefore, have plenty of people to turn to should you find yourself struggling with a particular topic.

Support for Students

Through AAT’s e-learning platform, student members have access to additional study material which provides extra support for each AAT unit. As well as learning in the classroom, students will be able to reinforce their knowledge through interactive tutorials, sample tests and e-seminars.

AAT’s e-learning platform also helps prepare students for life after completing their courses. Thanks to the online CV building and career planning tools, AAT students can begin planning for their professional future from day one of their course. Students also have the opportunity to network through AAT hosted events throughout the year. Those who attend the events will have the chance to learn emerging skills through AAT master classes, and network with other AAT members.

Members of AAT’s student network also have access to the bi-monthly AAT Magazine which gives insight into particular AAT modules, advises professionals on their next career move and reports on accounting related news.

Support for Businesses

As well as providing learning support, AAT has created a comprehensive programme for managers interested in training their staff, including AAT Apprenticeships, one-day courses and the Continued Professional Development Scheme.

AAT Essentials

These one-day courses offer staff and managers a quick and practical guide to a particular accounting topic. Each course aims to teach attendees the essentials needed to put each topic into practice. Check out the full list of AAT Essential courses.


AAT has a team dedicated to helping businesses understand how they can benefit from the UK Government’s Apprenticeship Levy scheme. Find out more about AAT’s Apprenticeship scheme.

Continued Professional Development Scheme (CPD)

AAT’s CPD programmes combine work related practice with learning essential accounting skills. CPD classes and workshops help staff keep up to date with best practice, prepare for future legislation changes and much, much more. CPD schemes are available through events throughout the year or via AAT’s dedicated online CPD platform. Find out more about AAT’s CPD schemes.

Want to find out more how AAT can support you through your studies or in your business? Contact Aspiring Accountants today for more information. 


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