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We know content marketing works but how could it help accounting students? 

It’s a fact; content marketing works for businesses, “B2B marketers that use blogs get 67% more leads than those that do not,” but where’s the connection to accounting students? It may be a tough sell, but AAT students should seriously consider starting an accounting blog.

Why? Building a portfolio of well-researched, relevant accounting content might just be the deciding factor that lands you your first professional role. If it’s successful enough, you even may be approached for your expert advice.

Where to start?

Writing generic accounting posts is like fighting an uphill battle. The major players in the accounting world will outrank you every time on accounting’s big topics. It’s important, therefore, to find your niche. If you’re a student, researching and writing about a particular area will prepare you for when you take that step into the professional world. By already having researched and written so much about the topic, you should also be extremely well prepared for any question you might get in an interview. An accounting blog should help you gain confidence in your chosen area, or even add more skills to your repertoire. By becoming a source of knowledge for a particular area of accounting, you gain credibility, and potentially, interviews.


A good accountant is always focused on the task at hand. A good blogger should be focused on the aim of their overall blog, as well as each individual article. Do you want to start your own firm by attracting clients? To raise awareness of your blog? To create a portfolio to be used in interviews?

Each strategy should focus on what message you want your readers to take away from your piece, as well as how to grow the right audience. Remember, 5 relevant readers are worth more than 500 accidental page lands. Think about where you can get the biggest, most relevant exposure.


Like strategy, style must match your reader. If you’re attempting to educate, simple, clear language seems to be the obvious choice; if you’re covering co-mingling then complex, accounting specific language is unavoidable.  

So start researching and writing! Don’t be afraid of putting your own unique perspective on accounting topics.


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