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aat support

What Is AAT Series: Student and Business Support

Being part of AAT’s student network means that you have access to a wide range of study support materials. Each AAT training provider also...
AAT Membership

What is AAT Series: AAT Membership

What is AAT Membership? The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) provide several levels of membership. AAT membership demonstrates you are committed to “exceptionally high standards...
Benefits of AAT

What is AAT Series: The Benefits of an AAT Qualification

Careers for life are becoming less and less common; the average Brit changes career six times during their professional lifetime. So where exactly does...
What is AAT?

What is AAT Series: AAT – The Basics

What is AAT? AAT stands for the Association of Accounting Technicians. AAT is the world’s leading professional membership body for accounting technicians. AAT award around...

What is AAT Series: Why AAT?

While it’s true that there are lots of different accounting qualifications out there, AAT qualifications ensure that, no matter what level you’re starting your...
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