Take a look at the questions below and choose the answer that closely represents your thinking, then tally up your score and find out whether you are ready for a career in accounting.


1.Your attire at work is usually:

a) Pressed, ironed and immaculate

b) Presentable but not ostentatious

c) Clean, but with a hint of fluff and a few wrinkles here and there

d) Precisely what you wore the day before


2. When you socialise with your friends you tend to:

a) Grab the bill before anyone else gets a look and calculate precisely what everyone owes

b) Assure that the bill is split between you and everyone pays the same

c) Pay for everyone (you’re very generous)

d) Claim that you forgot your wallet


3. Would you call yourself a team player?

a) Only if I’m in charge

b) I love talking and communicating with others

c) Yes, especially if it means my colleagues can do my share of the work

d) No, I prefer to work by myself in peace


4. Are you a lover or hater of spreadsheets?

a) I love them

b) They are OK

c) I hate them

d) What’s a spreadsheet?


5. Your company’s quarterly numbers seem a lot higher than they should, are you:

a) Wary – something must be wrong, time to double-check the books

b) Keen to speak to your team, it’s time to investigate

c) Celebrating – time to party!

d) Unfazed – as long as everyone gets paid, who cares!


6. Long days in the office…

a) No problem

b) I stay late as much as I leave on time, it’s 50/50

c) Sometimes it’s required

d) Are you kidding me? No way!


7. I like to set myself goals to reach

a) I live by goals

b) Yes, this is me

c) I sometimes set goals

d) No, no, no – this is NOT me


8. You’re heading back to school (just for fun), which class would you prefer to take:

a) Maths

b) English

c) History

d) Science


9. Nothing beats:

a) Finishing a difficult task and feeling accomplished

b) Getting praise from your boss

c) Finishing work early and going out with friends

d) Sleeping in and getting an extra hour in bed


10. What’s your best case work scenario?

a) A job where your workload never ceases to challenge you

b) A job which encourages creativity day after day

c) A job that’s easy and doesn’t challenge you

d) A job that requires few hours and fewer brain cells


11. How comfortable are you using a computer?

a) I’m extremely comfortable, and would say I’m an expert

b) I’m pretty comfortable with the basics

c) I’m OK, but there’s room for improvement

d) I hate computers


12. When completing your weekly food shop, you:

a) Brought your calculator along so you know what you’re spending

b) Added it up in your head so you know how much your shopping will come to

c) Have an idea how much it’ll cost and you’re within your shopping budget

d) Completely unaware of how much it’ll cost and it doesn’t really faze you


13. The latest accountancy software has just come out, you:

a) Cannot wait to give it a try

b) Keen to see if it makes your job easier

c) Feel it’s probably worth taking a look

d) You’re not thrilled and would rather stick to what you currently use


14. How far did you go in your education?

a) You continued onto your master after university

b) You gained your degree after college

c) You continued onto college after completing your GCSES

d) You completed your GCSEs then left education


15. How do you feel about studying again?

a) I’m always keen to keep learning

b) If my boss requires me to take a course, I will

c) I’d study for further qualifications if it means getting a promotion or pay rise

d) No way. I’m working now and that’s how I want it to stay!


Now you’ve completed the quiz, add up your score to find out which accountancy persona you are; Persona A, B, C or D.

If you answered the quiz with mostly As, then you’re Persona A, mostly Bs, then you’re Persona B, mostly Cs, you’re Persona C and yes, you guessed it, mostly Ds, you’re Persona D!

Find out more about your Accountant Persona aspiringaccountants.co.uk.



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