To be a good accountant, it’s important to make the most of resources available to you. With the correct software, you can not only make complex tasks easier, but you’ll find tasks become a lot quicker and less stressful too, allowing you to fit more into your day and complete your role as accountant as effectively as possible.

Here, we’ll explain the 10 things every trainee accountant should know about the software available to them…

  1. There’s No Avoiding Accountancy Programmes

Irrespective of the type of accountancy you will undertake in your career, accountancy programmes will always be a part of your job. It’s important to understand that you will use them daily. Keeping on top of ‘the books’ is no longer undertaken manually via books, since the digital age, processes such as book-keeping have become a far quicker and more efficient process with use of computer systems to record financial data.

  1. System Experience is a Must

As software is so important to the role of accountancy, you probably won’t be shocked to know that employers look for strong systems experience when looking to employ a candidate. It’s a required and popular skill sought by employers so if your app skills are a little rusty, now is the time to brush up on them.

  1. Technology is Not Your Enemy

Technology WILL NOT eliminate the need for accountants so please DO NOT see software as your enemy. When it comes to something as crucial as accounts, apps will never slow the demand for accountants, certainly not for the foreseeable future anyway.

  1. Revolutionary Systems

So, we mentioned how programmes are vital within the role of an accountant (and many other roles too) but in addition to this, such programmes are changing the role of an accountant. This is because software is making the tedious and long-winded calculations of an accountant far easier and quicker. Advancements in technology have heightened the accountant’s aptitude to understand data in an effective way.

  1. Apps Helps

Accountancy systems do not need to be considered as dull or drab, certainly not when developers have created apps for every imaginable business accounting process. Not only can you find software to assist in the core accounting duties such as general ledger and accounts payable, but you can also get your hands-on app functionality that will assist in the following; bank reconciliations, job costing, cash management, budgeting, tax preparation, financial statement assembly and so on.

  1. Speeding Things Up

QuickBooks is a popular programme for training and newly qualified accountants who are looking to familiarise themselves with accounting software. For larger and medium-sized businesses, there isn’t a single solution in regards to apps. But for start-outs and smaller businesses, QuickBooks is a great piece of software to try.

  1. Amazing Resources

There is an abundance of resources available to accountancy students. Advancing skills within the use of accountancy systems are important, which is why many courses now include modules covering programme development. For those of you who haven’t access to such resources, you’ll be pleased to know that YouTube features many instructional clips, which you’re likely to find helpful, not to mention other readily available online resources, such as community forums and seminars.

  1. Learning New Systems

Getting up to speed on new systems is a vital skill to learn. As with any new system, it can take a little time to master, but as they say, practice makes perfect. Just consider that accounting data is only of use if it is timely and provides the information required to make decisions. The more systems you learn, the more quickly you’ll know whether a new system is useful to you or not, if not, move on to the next.

  1. Earn Extra with Software Know-How

If you enjoy utilising accountancy software, you may want to consider the role of an information technology accountant, which just so happens to be one of the highest-ranking professions within the accounting sector… Just a thought.

  1. Don’t Forget the Fundamentals

Ok, so we’ve talked a lot about accountancy programmes today, but that’s not to say that the accountancy fundamentals should be ignored. Accounting practices and theories are just as important as learning new software, so try focusing your energy evenly on both.


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