When looking for an accountancy role that’s right for you, it’s important to consider the size of the firm in which you wish to work. Accountancy companies can vary in size from one to 5,000+, so it’s important that you consider the benefits to both large and small firms, in order to choose the one/option that suits you best. Other important factors to consider include your career goals, and lifestyle.

Here we’ll be discussing the pros of working for a large accountancy firm…

Larger Competition

Working for a large accountancy company means the competition is often a lot higher, so if you want to rise above your colleagues, you’ll need to be hungrier for it. This is simply down to the fact that there’s more pressure in comparison to smaller firms with lesser volumes of staff. The bigger the company, the harder you’ll have to push to rise above the rest.

Good Training Opportunities

One of the great factors of working in accountancy is the option to gain hands-on experience whilst learning on the job. The larger the firm, the more staff there are accessible to your training needs/ When you consider those training usually have a workload of their own, the smaller the firm, the trickier it can be to find the time for training. The larger the firm, the more resources and therefore the more likely that your on the job training will be consistent and successful.

Outgoing Personalities

Larger firms are better suited to very outgoing, competitive people, whilst those seeking a more relaxed, friendlier environment are better suited to a smaller firm.

CV Perks

Larger firms tend to be better known, which means they are likely to stand out more on your CV and potentially impress your future employer more so than a small, unfamiliar company might. Seems a little unfair, as your responsibilities could well have been more diverse and greater than those held at a larger accountancy company, but speaking from experience, large reputable companies look great on a CV.

Working for a larger firm, means you’ll get to work with bigger clients working in a larger firm, which means greater exposure, and again, another benefit to your CV.


Working for a larger company tends to mean that you have the opportunity to become more of an expert in a specific area of accountancy, such as audit, this is because bigger firms have dedicated departments to deal with set areas. By working within a defined area of accountancy, you are likely to grasp a detailed knowledge and become an expert. The only drawback to this is, it may get a little monotonous at times. Thankfully, many large firms offer rotational assignments, so staff members can gain a variety of experiences.

So, after considering the points above, have you decided which type of firm would suit you best. Are you competitive, ambitious and outgoing, or so you prefer the slower pace and familiarity of a small workforce? The decision is yours…


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