Once you have completed the AAT Level 2 qualification and have made your way onto Level 3 (the Advanced Diploma in Accounting), you will be able to apply for a whole new set of roles – and you know what that means: potentially higher salaries.

The average salary for a role at Level 3 standard is £18,795 (2017 AAT Salary and Career survey). One important thing to remember when salaries are concerned is that one particular role could have different salaries in different areas. Typically, roles in London are likely to be higher than elsewhere in the UK. For the purpose of our article we have used recruitment agency Monster’s salary calculator.

Average Salaries at AAT Level 3 Standard

Here are some of the UK jobs and average salaries available to you once you have completed the Advanced Diploma in Accounting:

  • Accounts Assistant – £13,876 – £25,179 (average = £18,624)
  • Accounts Payable Clerk – £15,678 – £25,052 (average = £19,842)
  • Assistant Accountant – £16,649 – £29,349 (average = £22,218)
  • Credit Controller – £16,270 – £27,780 (average = £20,769)
  • Finance Assistant – £14,750 – £23,316 (average = £19,321)
  • Payroll Administrator – £15,408 – £25,186 (average = £19,725)

Before Applying for Roles

Although having an idea of average salaries is very beneficial, it’s always important to note that salaries can change depending on various factors such as location and company. The average salary once completing Level 3 may be £18,795, but some employers may be willing to take you on for higher if you’ll be a real asset to their team.

If you want to find out the average salary for a particular role in a specific location, take a look at the various salary guides available online. A bookkeeper may earn £20,000 in the East Midlands, but the same job role will likely be higher in a city like London.

To discuss the roles and salaries available to you after completion of the AAT Level 3 course in more detail, get in touch with Aspiring Accountants today. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for more accounting news and career advice.

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