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According to findings from the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), 77% of students agree that studying for an AAT accounting qualification has increased their earning potential.

As you progress through each of the AAT Levels, your salary will increase. AAT qualifications open doors to job roles in a variety of industries, not just in finance-based companies. You could end up working for a football club or even a major global brand!

The average salary for a job role after studying the Foundation Certificate in Accounting is £17,591 (2017 AAT Salary and Career survey).

What to Consider When Applying for a Job

What’s important to note is that different jobs offer different salaries, so it’s always worth looking at a range of different roles to see what you can earn, before you start applying.

One significant factor that comes into play when researching salaries, is the location of where the role will be. London pay is, on average, higher than anywhere else in the UK. Our advice would be to use the resources available to you when salaries are concerned. You can easily find tools such as salary calculators online where you can compare the salary of a specific role in different locations. Salary calculators are also great for assessing whether the salary an employer offers you is fair.

Positions and Salaries You can Expect at Level 2

The Foundation Certificate in Accounting will prepare you for entry level roles, so let’s have a look at some of the UK job roles available to you after completing the Foundation Certificate and the average salary you can expect to find. For our article today, we have chosen to use recruitment agency Monster’s salary calculator:

  • Accounts Administrator – £14,272 – £24,389 (average = £18,374)
  • Accounts Assistant – £13,876 – £25,179 (average = £18,624)
  • Accounts Payable Clerk – £15,678 – £25,052 (average = £19,842)
  • Purchase Ledger Clerk – £15,072 – £23,980 (average = £18,384)
  • Payroll Administrator – £15,408 – £25,186 (average = £19,725)
  • Payroll Officer – £14,910 – £27,524 (average = £20,720)

The good news for AAT students looking to head straight into full time employment after completing Level 2 is that finance is at the heart of every business; there will always be a variety of exciting roles available!

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