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Have you ever visited somewhere or made a decision based on a great review, and then ended up being disappointed anyway? Yes, us too.

Many of us rely on the feedback of others before we make our own decisions. Whether you’re choosing a holiday location, visiting an art exhibition, or buying a product, none of us can deny that reviews do sometimes come in handy and allow us to make informed choices.

When it comes to deciding on a further education provider, however, the reviews you’ll find on the likes of Google and social media, just aren’t quite enough to sway you one way or the other. If you want to get as much knowledge as possible about the course and campus you’re looking into, going to an open day is really your best choice.

Open days allow you to get a real feel for the institution you’re debating over, and give you a deeper knowledge of the course you’re considering – two things you won’t get from just reading reviews or looking at a prospectus.

Here’s what you can gain/expect from attending an open day:

– A talk on the campus itself
– A breakdown of the course/s you’re interested in
– A tour of the campus including what facilities are available
– The opportunity to meet and talk to student representatives or current students – they can provide valuable information on student life
– The chance to ask lecturers or course advisors any questions you may have
– Further information about student finance and the application process

Deciding which course and institution you’re going to spend the next stage of your educational journey with is no easy choice. Dissatisfaction with a course is often the main reason why students drop out, so it’s hugely important you find the right course.

If you are deciding between a number of institutions and courses, attending an open day may just be the one thing that helps you make up your mind. Sometimes it’s even a gut feeling when you visit an institution that confirms whether it’s the right one for you.

If you’d like to find out which open days are taking place in your area, or would like to discuss studying an accountancy qualification, please get in touch via the Aspiring Accountants contact us page.


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