So, for many years people have considered accountants to be… somewhat dull, lacking in a sense of humour, number crunching, proficient, boring type. It’s no wonder that many have their doubts about a career in accountancy with such stereotypes circulating. Nowadays however, it seems the stereotypes are beginning to simmer down. Accountants are now considered creative problem solvers, excellent communicators and technologically savvy.

The career prospects within accountancy are vast. With so many opportunities and industries snapping up accountants worldwide, you needn’t worry about the role dying out. It’s an imperative position in which to choose so aspiring accountants can rest assure safe in the knowledge that marketplace offers an even bigger pathway to new and exciting accounting opportunities.

From consulting firms to manufacturing companies and tax departments to accountancy practices, the substantial array of industries in which to work within are/is almost endless. With that in mind, finding a job at the end of your studies shouldn’t take long, but firstly, you need to gain the relevant qualifications.

It’s predicted that as time goes on, the job outlook for accountants is expected to increase substantially, providing even more scope for jobs within the accounting industry. Graduates will be able to choose from various job titles, such as tax accountant, financial analyst, public accountant, business analyst credit controller and many more.

For aspiring accountants in search of a way into accounting, there are many routes in which to take, but first you’ll need to consider whether a career in accounting is right for you, and we’re here to help! We have compiled a list of questions that should help…

  • Have you registered your interest in accountancy before?
  • Were you a bright spark in mathematics at school?
  • Are you good with organising your personal finances?
  • Do you have high personal standards?
  • Are you known as someone who prefers to plan things in advance?
  • Do you prefer to understand the small details of processes?
  • Does the thought of explaining complex ideas to others interest you?
  • Do you like to organise data in a sequential matter?
  • Do you base your decisions more on logic than anything else?
  • Do you prefer to follow rules than to break them?
  • Do you appreciate predictability?
  • Are you good at solving problems and puzzles?

Did you answer 1-2 questions as yes?

You may enjoy the idea of accounting but becoming an accountant as a career could be something you could live to regret. If you have a keen interest but aren’t 100% sure, we’d recommend you speak to a professional in the accounting industry and ask them any questions or queries you have to help you have a clearer idea on things.

Did you answer 3-5 questions as yes?

A career in accounts could be the ideal career choice for you, however, we recommend you do your research by completing a taster course and seeing how you feel once you’ve familiarised yourself with some of the processes involved.

Did you answer yes to more than 6 questions?

It sounds like you have an inclination for the field of accounting. If you decide a career in accounting is right for you, we say go for it!


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