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How we work is changing

Just a few years ago the idea of working remotely was unthinkable, now, however, it’s become a realistic option for many employees and employers. It requires a certain level of trust from the employer, but many of the world’s biggest companies are hiring remote workers. Aspiring accountants are not immune to these shifts in working life; the arrival of cloud technology in accounting has increased the possibility of working remotely in the industry.

The ease with which companies are expanding globally provides similar challenges to working remotely. In the morning you could be working with colleagues in Australia and in the afternoon you might be talking to your United States office. Unfortunately, not every company can fly its colleagues across the globe for a meeting; that’s why no matter what accounting role you’re looking to move into, being prepared for either remote work or working across countries is a must. Today we look at a few ways our aspiring accountants can prepare.

Rapport report

Keeping up team rapport over locations can be challenging. One technology being implemented to combat this issue is instant messaging service Slack. Getting familiar with using Slack is one-way accounting students can prepare for work life, but to become a true Slack master one must understand when to use an emoji and when to use a gif. Slack is great for keeping a more lighthearted conversation rolling, with dedicated groups being set up for the sole purpose of being a free space for communication. Think of it as a virtual water cooler where you can crack wise and gif yourself silly. The long-term importance of discussing last night’s episode of Westworld can not be underestimated.


Video conferencing has come a long way since 2001’s A Space Odyssey. Ingraining both group and individual video conferencing into the company culture is perfect for dealing with issues efficiently and adding a face to a name. Until virtual reality becomes commonplace, video conferencing will remain king of cross country comms.

Cloud collab

Working simultaneously on the same document is a sure fire way to resolve issues and complete tasks promptly. Systems like Google Docs are game-changing additions to professional work. There’s nothing quite like real-time collaboration, and it gives you a chance to see how your colleague works. Cloud systems are becoming commonplace in most industries; whether your company has an international network of employees or offices, becoming accustomed to using various forms of cloud tech really is a no-brainer.

Calendar sync

Syncing calendars is ideal for keeping all members of staff in touch with the bigger picture. Systems like Asana make sharing work and keeping abreast of what you and your colleagues need to do easy. Whether its Asana or another system, calendar syncing will almost certainly be used in your accounting position.

So whether you’re working from home, working for an international company or simply working smart, tech will become more and more important to how you do your job. Be prepared by investing time in some of these systems today.


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