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One of the main advantages of studying AAT is the clear level and salary progression structure. Before you commit to beginning a career in accounting, you can read AAT’s clear outlines on what you can expect to earn once you’ve completed each qualification. You’ll also understand how long it will take to get from the Foundation Certification to the highest AAT rank.

How Does One Progress to the Highest AAT Salary?

The good news is for those with the right motivation, progression through each individual AAT level can take as little as six months. Be sure to check with your AAT provider for their specific timeline, and don’t be afraid to shop around and find a provider that can match your needs.

Starting Out

The Foundation Certificate in Accounting is the logical starting point for many on their accounting journey. After completing the six-month fast track course, students will be able to apply for a variety of roles (with a  mean salary of £17,591 – AAT’s 2017 Salary Survey). But why stop there? Graduation from the Foundation Certificate gives you access to AAT’s next level.

Moving On Up

The Advanced Diploma in Accounting can also be completed in 6 months. As with completion of the Foundation Certificate, Advanced Diploma graduates can expect to demand a larger salary (mean salary of £18,795 – AAT’s 2017 Salary Survey). The Advanced Diploma represents the middle step to AAT’s highest qualification.

The Final Step?

The Professional Diploma in Accounting is regarded as a step up in difficulty for many accounting students. For this reason, it’s could take longer than six months to complete. The difficulty of the qualification is reflected in the range of jobs open to graduates and the expected salary level (mean salary of £20,897 – AAT’s 2017 Salary Survey).

What Next?

After successfully completing the three levels, AAT students will automatically become Affiliate AAT Members. This is the time when students decide which professional status they want to gain; full AAT membership (MAAT), which can be gained by completing a certain amount of work experience in a relevant role; or associate bookkeeping membership (AATQB), which can be gained through simply applying online after you have completed the Advanced Diploma in Accounting.   

Full AAT members have worked to obtain world-renowned qualifications and have gained experience. For this reason, they can expect another salary bump. AAT’s 2017 salary survey gives a mean salary of £27,804 for MAAT accountants.

The final step on the AAT path is Fellow Membership (FMAAT). Unfortunately, there’s no fast track option for gaining FMAAT status: five years at MAAT status allows you to apply for fellow membership. As FMAAT members have dedicated considerable time to refining their accountancy skills, employers reward this with another salary bump: AAT’s 2017 salary survey gave a mean annual income of £37,490 for FMAAT members.

Want to find an AAT provider that works at your pace? Get in contact with Aspiring Accountants today.   

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