Amazing AAT Jobs

Gravitational force makes the world go round? Surely that can’t be right? No one ever made a hit musical about gravitational forces, so it can’t be true. Instead, it’s the finance sector stopping us from crashing into the sun.

OK, OK, so accounting doesn’t quite make the world go round. It does, however, provide us with the financial means through which we can measure such things (thanks, NASA accountants). And that’s not all. Without accountants, innovation is merely an idea; without accountants, bad guys get away with it; without accountants, Neymar doesn’t move to PSG. It’s such an essential part of ordinary and extraordinary life that there is always a need for talented accountants. Today, we’ll be highlighted some amazing accounting jobs.

Sports Accountant

Anyone would think deadline day’s ‘Arry Redknapp is not just a manager, but an accountant and lawyer as well. Yes, in sports, accountants play a vital role in transfers and trades. If you’ve got a passion for statistics and have a keen ability to appraise investments, working in sports accounting might be the perfect job for you. The role is extremely varied and, due to its seasonal nature, can be extremely busy during pre-season and relatively quiet once the games get underway.

Entertainment Accountant

Accounting for big budget film or TV productions can be a high pressure but highly rewarding role. Accurate financial planning is essential – making sure there is enough funding for quality, but knowing there is a limit to the pot. You could be balancing the talents’ wages, set design costs or searching for locations that give the best tax breaks. It’s an extremely varied role and requires a cool head in times of pressure.

Forensic Accountant

Where as a forensic scientist focuses on the fine detail of a crime scene (think Dexter), a forensic accountant pores over financial records of a person/company that’s being investigated. Law enforcement agencies all require talented forensic accountants. Thanks to the ease with which national and international transactions can take place, it’s never been more vital to have forensic accountants to look out for crimes like tax avoidance, embezzlement and fraud. You’ll have a keen understanding of financial laws and be able to spot when those laws are not being complied with. Your understanding and application of accounting ethics will also be watertight.

Which role do you think is the most interesting? Would you rather be helping finalise a deadline-day transfer? Or perhaps evaluating the opening weekend of a studio’s latest blockbuster?  

The good news for those studying an AAT course is that there are plenty of great accounting roles out there. If you’re interested in becoming an accountant, contact Aspiring Accountants today and start your journey to professional success!  

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