Once you’ve found the perfect course, it’s time to shop around for a training provider that caters for your preferred method of studying (whether that’s classroom-based or via distance learning). It’s important to note that learning providers set their own fees, so there will be a number of competitive prices on offer.

Today, we’ll go through an example of the costings associated with studying one of AAT’s accounting courses. We are going to look at the Foundation Certificate in Accounting – Level 2 qualification as an example:

AAT Level 2 Costs

  • Training Provider Fees

As previously mentioned, how you decide to study the course will play a part in the costing. Because training providers set their own prices, fees can range from £600 – £2000. The fees depend on whether you are taking classroom-based study or distance learning, how many study materials you’ll need and the level of support provided. When choosing a training provider, it’s important to ask what their course fee covers; some training providers will include the study materials and the exam costs in their fee, for example.

  • Assessment Fees

Assessment fees are either paid to your training provider or AAT Approved assessment venue (where you will take your exams if you opt for distance learning). These fees tend to range from £70 – £80, depending on the training provider or assessment venue. It’s worth checking whether these assessment fees are included in your overall training provider fees, as mentioned above.

  • AAT Fees

AAT’s fees include an admission fee and an annual membership fee. These fees are paid directly to AAT and are currently £135 for UK students and £125 for international students.

If you are looking to study an AAT qualification, and would like to find a competitive price for your course, contact Aspiring Accountants today for more information and free, impartial advice.

For information on how to fund an AAT qualification, head to our AAT Funding Options article.

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