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To be an accountant there are many character traits you must possess to ensure a successful future lies ahead of you. Here we will list 10 important traits which are essential to have, so you can ensure your suitability for a career in accountancy.

1. Keep Up-To-Date with the Latest Standards
As an Accountant, it’s important to remain aware of the industry’s principles. These change frequently, which does unfortunately mean you’ll need to make a conscious effort to remain up-to-date on a continuous basis.

2. Organisation is Key
Good organisation skills are important in an industry such as finance, particularly in accounting as part of your role will inevitably be keeping up-to-date with figures, paperwork and data, which will require your daily attention and therefore organisation is paramount.

3. Attention to Detail
With accountancy, the numbers you work with need to be recorded correctly. Without due diligence, you could jeopardise the company in which you work and your job.

4. Be Accountable
The clue is in the title. To be a successful accountant, you need to be accountable. To be accountable you need to own up to your mistakes. If you’re unsure of something, it’s important that you ask for help, that’s better than making an avoidable error. However, if an honest mistake is made, it’s essential that you show responsibility and confess, you’re only human after all.

5. Understand your Clients
As an accountant, being good with numbers is not enough. You also need to be good with your clients too. This can be achieved by knowing your clients, understanding their needs and meeting their requirements. If you have a solid grasp of your client’s business, clients are likely to value you more.

6. Be Part of a Team
Many consider accountants to be shy and lonely at work, this really isn’t the case. To be a good accountant within a team environment, you’ll need to attend regular face-to-face meetings with clients, not to mention a good rapport with your colleagues.

7. Creativity is Crucial
A creative accountant? You’ll be surprised just how creative accountants can be! Using creative strategies to solve client dilemmas, and thinking outside of the box is a great way to combat problems within your role as an accountant.

8. Be Trustworthy
As with any workplace, being a trustworthy employee is crucial. Within the role of an accountant, this is even more crucial. This is because you are likely to deal with confidential information on a day-to-day basis. This is why professionalism and good ethics are paramount, and from these attributes, trust will build over time.

9. Great Communication
The ability to explain complex situation and translate into simpler terms is a skill that is often overlooked. As an accountant, this is a skill you’ll need to possess. By doing so, you’ll be able to explain ideas that can be grasped by clients and interact complex matters more efficiently.

10. Stay Ethical
As mentioned previously, good ethics are key to the role of an accountant to help build trust with your employer and with clients. Demonstrating a strong sense of integrity and being morally compliant is something that will help others to build trust in you.

So, do you think you have what it takes to become an accountant? Possessing these traits is a great place to start!


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